Ticky-tack edits

By obiwanchunn, in Proofreading

Found some typos/mistakes in the rules

  1. p38, Q4, second paragraph. Change to "ring rank". My group will forever call this "rink rank" now.

    Choose one of the following options and increase your rink rank by the specified amount:

  2. p231, Q12, right-most box. Should say "Anxiety (1)" not "Adversity (1)".

Rise, Flame (p. 226) is missing a duration. Probably 1+Bonus Successes like the other Rise, X...

Agreement: In the introduction on pg. 5, I read the phrase A wide variety of skill, techniques, passions, flaws, and more as a singular noun (the "variety"), rather than a list of nouns. Which means the "allow" that follows should become "allows."