Finally got it!!

By plem45, in Blue Moon City

Finally got this one for my birthday, now I don't have to beg my friends to borrow their copy.

well congrats at that, i was going to say let us know if you like it but you allready play, have you got the extra tiles in play yet?

no, didn't know about extra tiles. Where can I get tem?

You'd probably have to get the images and make your own tiles. I've never seen any need to go to the effort, but they're out there if you want them.

you can get them from the downloads on the ffg home page site, or from a magazine, its called spielbox i think, (most likely the wrong name but its something like that) they are then the proper tiles

They are certainly not integral to the game, but they are kind of fun just to add a little more flavor to an already very good game.

Congrats on the present.