The Baron at Gencon!

By Tim Huckelbery, in The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Hi all! Looks like there will be lots of Baron Munchausen at Gencon. I'm running 3 games, another fellow is running 4, and FFG will have James Wallis on hand to run 3 more!

You can find them all here: Playing Game?ag[]=un&ag[]=eo&ag[]=tn&ag[]=ma&ag[]=tw&exp[]=no&exp[]=so&exp[]=ep&opt[]=ta&opt[]=hh&search=munchausen

(or just go here and and put in Munchausen as a search term).

(or use the classic event finder here: )

Hope to see many of you there!


Edited by Tim Huckelbery

Slight change of plans, folks.

James has scheduling issues, so he will be hosting my Thursday and Friday games that are at 4pm at the JW:

I'll be taking on his events those days at 2pm in the FFG RPG Room:

So the events are still happening, just with different people hosting them.