Greatly enjoying this game

By Jobu, in New Angeles

I wanted to pop in and state how much I enjoy this game and why.

At its heart, its a negotiation/deal making game. There are relatively few of these types of games out there. Games which revolve around softskills like this are relatively rare. You need to determine what the best course of action is for yourself and then rely on your ability to explain why it also helps others and/or bribe others to get on the same page. It even has the classic, "help me on this so I will help you in the future" and/or "support this because so many others support it and its just a waste of your resources to do otherwise" included in the game.

The game has this whole we are competing with each other but have to keep the ship afloat at the same time aspect to it. Its really similar to how actual power struggles play out in most of our lives. IRL, most competition is with our peers and not all out war. I appreciate that in a game as it seems more real and natural to me as opposed to just grind the other guy to dust. (I also like grind the other guys to dust games, its just that I like a variety of games)

I also like cyberpunk, so that's a plus.

Sometimes you need to support a less than ideal offer for yourself to keep everything going. Other times, you need to support a offer that is bad for the city to advantage yourself. Other times you need to support a offer that neither helps the city or yourself to keep a player you don't really care about going. That's all really cool and difficult to manage.