Anyone agree on improving DUST?

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To Fantasy Flight games and all DUST fans:

Hi, I'm not a hardcore on board games. I only started playing board games two years ago when a friend introduced me to BANG! I was at awe back then... never knew about another genre of games besides PC or console games (played monopoly before in my childhood... but never really got drawn by it, doesn't even know that it was called a "board game"). I actually bought DUST because RISK 2210ad was out of stock at my city's local store. When I opened the package, I was like... COOL!!! with the artworks on the manual and the game pieces. But, because everybody I knew couldn't play it (I'm from Indonesia and the term board game still raises people's eyebrows when you mentioned it), so DUST ended up collecting dust inside my room for a year.

Along the way, I met some people who were willing to try the game and literally fell in love with it. So I look DUST up on BGG. It is highly under rated. Nevertheless, my friends and I kept playing it weekly till now. After countless game sessions and bitter sweet victories (and losses), I think it's time for FFG to make some improvements with DUST. The game is great the way it is, but after reading some forums and negative reviews from numerous sources, I really think it's time to make use of lots of spaces available for improvements in DUST.

Many negative response from players(including myself) might be

1. The game took to long to finish, It's actually took several hours for one game session, we usually took breaks in the middle of the game to avoid brain cramps(Cause by the constantly changing tactics due to the action another player took before you. Which was cool by the way).

2. Not enough action in the game, I think it was mainly caused by the restrictions on how many combat and movement point depicted by the cards. I know it was for the sake of strategy, but it really cut the action down. A world domination game means WAR, we need more action on our turn

3. I'm not familiar with the DUST universe myself, but many players thought that the game is lack of immersion. This is an alternate WWII theme, with aliens technology. Why oh why can't FFG come up with something that can draw the players deeper besides "we command mechs to war... yay!!!" Factions selections and special powers that came with that faction would be nice too.

4. Just release the game with one rule. Me and some of my friends has discussed that maybe those guys at FFG first rule design was the epic rule, they just looking for some excuse to shorten the game with the premium rules or so they can put the slogan "one amazing world two great game" on one piece of paper inside the game box. We find the epic rule is wayyyy more rewarding in many ways. The only down side was... it doubled the duration of the game(which means more brain cramps for my friends).

Many people are sizing DUST with RISK because of their similarities. Rest assure, I'm not one of them, because I never played RISK before. I'm only measuring the maximum amount of fun that DUST could really achieve for all of DUST fans out there. Like I mentioned before, I'm a DUST fan myself, the game is great and I think everybody should give DUST a shot!

If you are a fan of DUST and reading this, please say AYE! Or please add any thoughts on my post.

If you are the staff or game designer of FFG, please give way to an expansion or maybe a new edition of DUST. I think, me and many DUST fans wouldn't mind spending more $ for a perfected game of DUST(which is good for business, see how much I care for of our beloved game making company?). I think a low review shouldn't make you guys close the door on improving the game in the future.

This is my first topic post y'all.

Hope I don't make too many mistakes with my English, and I apologize if any of my post upsets anybody.

kodokijolyus said:

1. The game took to long to finish, It's actually took several hours for one game session, we usually took breaks in the middle of the game to avoid brain cramps(Cause by the constantly changing tactics due to the action another player took before you. Which was cool by the way).

I don't own DUST myself, although it does look very interesting every time I see it on the shelf. I will say, however, that FFG games are known to have long play times, for the most part. Personally I like them that way, although it does mean I can't pull them out as often as I might otherwise like.

You should try it Steve-O, if you like world dominating theme that is. The battle is hectic(in the good way), the rules are not too complicated too. I just post all above to point that this game is great, but could be greater. With appropriate improvements it could be one of the game that really worth a space in every boardgamers hearts.


Dust IS great. It was the first FFG i bought and glad I did. We played Risk back in high school and wanted to play a game but neither had it any longer. Got this and immediately thought "wow ... this is so much more fun", but could see weak areas right away. We implemented some simple house rules and it's better, but i agree it could use some official ..."adjusting". Either by some faction uniqueness (pros/cons), some place names on the board (missing that "Ukraine is weak" element for us lol. But seriously, i think would ground the game more in its universe), adjustment of some of the unit costs (-1 to mech, bomber, sub costs), etc. But seeing how long it is taking FFG to update rules on Tannhauser, i'm sure we'll see a brand new game created, based on the Dust model, long before Dust is modified unfortunately, if at all sad.gif

I had been wondering myself whether to pick this up. I love the artwork, and wartime strategy games are amazing. Though I agree with what you said, they have kind of dropped the ball on Tannhauser, though I hope that means they are doing their best to make it a glossy finished product, and not just taking their time to make new releases. I just picked up Tannhauser recently, and I already sit and wait for the new expansions. I just hope they cna keep up with some of the other games I play, I have no problem buying continued product from FFG. All of their games that i own, I love.

My first impression of the game was that it looks alright and the board is pretty. But after a while you learn you might as well take a large piece of card board, draw a few dots and connect them with lines and it would be the same as Dust. Our group have tried playing this game 3 times total in the past 2 years. Usually we'd get to turn 2 or 3 and it would be so boring that we'd just stop. If they re-design the game they should maybe add some extra nonsense to hide the utter pointlessness a bit better. Let's see what we have already: aliens, WW2, pics of chicks, mechs and alternate history. Maybe add zombies, dragons, magic, heroes and a "dice-less combat mechanic".

I'm afraid I agree with the BGG assessment: amateurish.

My friends and I have only played the premium rules (the shorter duration game). The first couple of games took a bit longer becuase of getting used to everything, but now we can knock out a game in about three hours including a decent break to eat. Compared to the nine to ten hour marathons that Axis & Allies took, the three-four hour games are perfect. We can knock out a good game on a weeknight after work without burning the midnight oil.

Here are the points of the game that I really like:

1. The game always progresses to completion. Since you are racing for a point total instead of territory gather or troop destruction, you just can't turtle and defend. You have to be aggressive to have a chance of winning.

2. Each game is different. This is many related to the cards. Since the cards determine the player order each turn, they add a whole new element of randomness to the game. The abilities given by the cards can play a HUGE role in what I do on my turn counter that with what other people play has a huge impact as well.

3. You really can't plan ahead. In Axis & Allies and Risk, there are accepted first and second round moves that everyone should do. The outcome of the game is completely dependent on the dice roles of those first few moves. Because each game in Dust is totally random, you have to think on your feet.

4. I like the low amount of units that everyone gets. Since the game is always moving forward, you don't have the time to build up a huge army. You have to move and attack with what you have. This means you don't get the phsycological deterent to seeing a huge stack.

5. I love that units can attack multiple times on a single turn. Being able to cruise across the world doing attack after attack after attack with the same force (if your cards allow) can create some unusual outcomes.

I join those who really like the game. Sure, as every other game out there it has it' pros and cons, but I don't want to discuss them in detail. It is a fine game, which runs from two to three hours (in our usual 4 player group). It has it's similarities to risk. World Map....War waging.... but it adds much to this scheme. The need for Factories and Energy Points to produce armies and the use of action cards makes it a "strategical risk". It's for those of us who get bored by the usual "First to control Australia wins" we have reached in our game group. Dust is perfect for those evenings where you want to have a balance of playing a strategy game and talking with friends. So it is a good midpoint between the "dice rolling/less thinking" Risk and the "room silencing/brain eating" Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition Shattered Empire Alliance House Rule Edition.

And it has no space/alien look, which makes it easier to talk your spouse and her female friends into joining a game round.