Of Great and Terrible Things

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On 11/17/2020 at 12:04 AM, Servant of Dante said:

"Playing the part of the Emperor's Nobility does open doors. I suppose it'd be unbecoming to not show up when we've asked for an invitation. We'll just have to see what information we can get out of the man through casual conversation."

On 11/22/2020 at 11:12 PM, Lynata said:

"Very well. We shall hear what this 'brother'", she quickly adopted their host's derogative emphasis on the word, "has to say, and act accordingly. I have a feeling that at the very least we might be inducted into at least some dark secret of this society, one way or another." Ariel patted her pistol holster as she spoke, as if to reassure those present - and herself - that she'd knew how to deal with one of those ways.

On 11/29/2020 at 11:00 PM, Covered in Weasels said:

Balthazar is also required by Inelia's comments. "Even if we are not the target audience of Baranthas, it should still be worthwhile to approach him. Religious expeditions into the Underhive are quite rare, and questioning him about his purpose there may prove fruitful. It would be even better if we got a chance to interview some of these new converts as well..."

Inelia nods, seemingly determining that the group is satisfied with their next course of action and leaves the situation at that.

The following days ((and travel, as I don't think there's anything more to discuss here in terms of planning)) pass uneventfully and eventually you return to the Alms house when you receive word that Brother Baranthas has returned from his most recent expedition and is prepared to receive you at your convenience.

The Alms house seems rather unchanged, even at the return of their earstwhile proprietor, though of course not knowing the specifics of what happens on his excursions that may not be out of the ordinary. There are, roughly the same amount of people here as there were previously, less than a handful more or less.

Sister Intias meets the group, bowing slightly in acknowledgement of your previous meeting, "Greetings again, patrons. If you'll follow me, I'll take you to Brother Baranthas." She waits expectantly for your response, or any questions before you meet the man.

Estelia makes the Sign of the Aquila in greeting, watching for (she expects) Intias to return the gesture.

"I hope the Emperor blessed him with success in his time below. I've been awaiting your word that he had returned."

Estelia does her best to imitate what she assumes a noble would talk like when making polite conversation, but mostly just thought back to the sorts of things she heard priest and Sister Superiors say in passing to each other.

((If the second sentence Estelia said feels kinda pointless and weird, that was intentional on my part. :D Also as a reminder I keep making a point of mentioning she's watching for if people make the sign of the aquila when she does because the quirk I rolled in character creation was that she believes it must always be returned when used as a greeting.))

Ariel had taken care to don the same garments and arms she had carried on their previous visit, so as to minimize the risk of doubt based on changes of her 'costume'. Of course, there was an underlying, secondary reason as well, one she would not wish to admit to her companions: she had come to rather like this outfit.

"Madam", the novice kept her greeting of Intias short, tipping the brim of her wide brim hat. The wire feather wobbled at the movement, reflected light briefly letting that trademark rainbow of colors flash across the ultralight dark metal. It felt .. wrong, but she resisted the urge to replicate Estelia's gesture, trying hard to maintain character.