James Wallis' gift to me

By CaptainCoal, in The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

As a backer of James Wallis' oft-delayed Kickstarter (Alas, Vegas), he told us he would be giving us a special gift because Alas Vegas has been so delayed.

From his November 28th, 2013 update:

As part of that thank-you, I am going to create an exclusive expanded edition of Munchausen 3e available only to Alas Vegas backers, long before the general public get a chance to buy it. And that's not all; low-level backers will be offered this edition at a serious discount on the cover price, while higher-level backers will get it for free. Under the circumstances it's the least I can do.

(Now, I don't see a release date for this new version, but Mr. Wallis has certainly not made this edition available to us.)

What I'm asking is what, if anything, will Fantasy Flight do to honor Mr. Wallis' obligations? I've pretty much given up hope of actually seeing Alas, Vegas actually released, but at this point, I'd like to see something for the money I contributed.