Will FFG/AsMo-NA please go back to having daily video (Day 1 through 4) recaps?

By krechevskoy, in Fantasy Flight Games Gen Con Experience

I really looked forward to these end of day videos, be it if I go or do not go attend Gen Con. I was disappointed the videos did not occur last year. (2015)

When I am at GenCon I watch the FFG day (1-4 ) videos as a "wind down", to see all the great stuff FFG released per day while I was running around at Gen Con.

When I am not attending Gen Con, I greatly anticipated the videos to peruse the great FFG line up vicariously.

I am attending this year and can't wait to see the crew there, and hope the FFG recaps for Gen Con 2016 are posted on YouTube again. Hopefully without the Fire Marshal limiting the line this year. =P