Blood Squids?

By Jonny WS, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

I bought SoB last night, and went through all the components. I did not see any stat cards for the blood squids or any tokens either. Am I missing something?

What blood squids are you talking about? They're not mentioned in the SoB rulebook.

The FAQ mentions bloodsquids, but as a tongue-in-cheek fluff behind the rule that you can jump over pits but not water.

It was stated that this expansion would contain the blood even makes note of it in the news event on the front page:

The much-awaited Sea of Blood expansion, an advanced campaign, is the latest installment in the long-running Descent family. It features new dungeons to explore, new skills, new rumors, new monsters ( the Bloodsquids make their triumphant debut alongside the vicious Daggertooth Sharks), a massive 33” x 27” sea/island map, and much more.

I say again, where are they? lol

They don't exist. apparently between the writing of that article and the release of the game, whatever rule existed that allowed heroes to enter the water in dungeons was cancelled.

Maybe they're talking 'bout the Kraken and its tentacles??

Yes the bloodsquid are represented by the tentacle tokens as it states in the Sea of Blood FAQ.

CanadianPittbull said:

Yes the bloodsquid are represented by the tentacle tokens as it states in the Sea of Blood FAQ.

To what document are you referring? The Descent support page says the FAQ hasn't been updated since March, the Sea of Blood Q&A only mentions that bloodsquid tokens exist (and that they stand up vertically like doors), and search for "squid" in the SoB rulebook turns up no matches at all.

I was wondering what the bloodsquids would look like. Looks like they are not in the game though.

I meant the Q&A/FAQ document same thing really but regardless....I am thinking that the Blood squid reference is to the tokens and the "Kraken" character. Which is a giant Bloodsquid so they are in it just not as people were thinking.

Yep. It was a bit misleading. I entered them in mine as basically smaller krackens (and using the more traditional image, which has more of a blood look anyhow). And yes, it refers to the tentacle tokens and the kraken.

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