X wing at Ama-Con July 23&24

By gabebarrera, in The Star Wars Game Experience

X wing tournament will be held on July 23 at Ama-Con in Amarillo Texas at the Amarillo Convention centre. The event is being hosted by Archer comics in Amarillo. There will be great prize support for this event. Archer can be reached at (806)373-5508 and they can give you better info

This will be a 100pt dogfight

$10 fee

Swiss rounds

Registration noon

Entry into the convention is $5 for a one day pass or$8 for a two day pass. The 501st stormtrooper regiment, rebel alliance,and mandalorian mercs will be there so come for the tournament stay for the Con. There are special hotel rates for Ama-Con attendees contact me is you have questions. There will be a possible group event on Sun the 24th and the group and judge are great