Will there ever be an expansion?

By E-Talker, in Drakon

I was wondering if there are any chances for an expansion to this game. It is one of my all time favorites but the reprint brings nothing new unfortunately compared to older versions. If they only added like one additional mechanic I would have bought it... an expansion would be a no-brainer for me.

It's an older title...sadly, I wouldn't hold my breath.

Personally I plan to just sticker the 11 no ability rooms with 2nd addition abilities it's missing.

Right now I'm thinking:

Secret Passage x3 - When you
choose to move from this chamber, you
may move normally or place your hero on
another “Secret Passage” room already in

Drakon's Due x2 - As you enter
this room, you must put one coin (if you
have any) in the “Start” chamber.

Drakon's Bargin x2 - You can
pay one gold to the Dragon’s Hoard to
take one room in play without heroes (not
the “Start” room) and place it in your hand.

Base Structure x2 - This chamber and the
four rooms adjacent to it cannot be
moved, rotated, destroyed or otherwise
altered in any way by other room effects.

Tornado x1 - When you leave this
room, you can legally move your hero up
to 4 chambers at once, applying only the
effect of the last room.

Locked Chest x1 - Set aside the
gold you’ve gained so far: for the rest of
the game, these coins can’t be affected

by any game effects.

I wish there is just a way for me to get the older edition's hero minis, without trying to hunt for an old, out-of-print edition of something I already own...