Collection of (Fan Made) Resources for Fireborn

By Helios Inferno, in Fireborn

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I just made a first collection PDF containing all the available Outlooks, Dominant Breeds and Minor Breed choices for Dragons.

The pdf shows a master list, with bookmarks to any and all fanmade material not in the official Corebook.

I merely collected everything, with links to their respective sources on the internet, and added a few alternative options on some of the available Minor Breeds to optionally avoid some more problematic power chocies. (such as an Ephermal trait for Shadow dragons)

But as they are opinion based, they are only added as an extra service.

Use them whichever way you choose to include them in your games and enjoy!

Dropbox link;

Google Drive

When I have time, I will make a second PDF to contain all the New Powers and Heritage list that will help round out these new choices of Dragon Breeds.

But for have to be patient or find those new powers at the sources mentioned in the document.

Let me know if it was of help to you, or if you made your own Houserules/Fan Material you wish to include in our growing Collection!

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I just wanted to say thank you for making this. That first pdf was a big help just to have the info in one place in that format. It's proving useful as I develop the game I'm eventually going to run. It's turning into a Duke Nukem Forever type of development limbo :P


Good to hear its been of use to you.

Not sure if you looked around at g+ and such, but in case you where planning to use the excel char generator, I was thinking of rebuilding it as a cleaner version + a destinction of a homebrew vs official version of it.

I used it originally for my own players, but with more experience in excel and new ideas on how to improve it, Its best to scrap the old version and start anew.

Also to fix some issues with the old version and make it less fiddly.

Got a lot of plans for stuff, but do let me know if anything is of a more specific or direct interest to you right now.

I plan to focus on one project at a time, but can switch priorities


What kind of game are you preparing though?

You make it sound like its a very ambitious project!


Duke Nukem forever did eventually come out.... I sincerely hope even IF it goes through hell and back to finally come out it will be a lot better then Duke Nukem turned out to be x)

They basically just spit out the game to be done with it, not because it was really finished or well done....