What year?

By Mon no Oni, in The Worlds of Android

I'm slowly reading through the book. Quite an interesting read! However I'm somewhat annoyed at a resistance to put a date on things. The very few dates we get are laid out like "in '35" and so on. I have to infer the world of Android takes place in the 22nd Century. That would make the previous date 2135 AD. Still no idea what year is it "now", or when the War (with Luna and Mars) took place, other than a vague "decades ago". Perhaps there will be more details later on...

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I think the dates are left deliberately vague. My personal view is that it's this current century though from the stuff I have read - not got my copy yet though

I put it in the latter 22nd century.

The Blackout happens at the end of the 21st century in the book. It talks about NBN and the Network rising after that happens.

It says during that time frame Luna is just beginning to be colonized, but it's still expensive to get to the moon. That occurred just prior to the completion of the Beanstalk which it talks about in the 'mid thirties'.

It goes on to talk about that by the 'sixties', all the companies that have He3 mining interests on the moon and the competition that ultimately leads to the insurrection.

The 'War' is talked about it terms of 'years' so figure a few years, which would put its conclusion late 60s early 70s. The book's current time frame is 15 years after the 'War' so I am thinking mid 2180s to 2190 ish.

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Yep, 22nd makes more sense. Lot of bad things have to happen on the 21st changing all the landscape (climate change, economical downfall) before they get better; then, by early 22nd we have the tech to build the Beanstalk, then the colonization of Moon and Mars, then the War, and finally the "present", that is decades after that. Second half of the 22nd for sure.

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page 100: "The Welyland Consortium New Angeles Space Elevator, which first opened for business in '35". Than must be 2135.