Some issues

By Jack and THE Hammer, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Hi there! long time no see!

we have stop playng descent for a long time, but recently i decided to bought the Nerekhall champain, and so we started again....but we also forgot a lot during this time. so here i'm with a few "silly" questions

we are actually playng "Arise my friends", but there are few things there seems to not be right here.

First of all a red Changeling are actually carring around a Civilian token(a prisioner). they cannot be lefted but only given to the liutenant.

The zombie can KIll the tokens to accelerate the OL victory conditions.

Our OL sustained that he can use a Zombie to Kill the token that are actually carried by the Changeling. But as long as we remebered (in previous champain) this is impossbbile to do. usually the token have to be lefted on the map to do so.

So unless we manage to kill the Changeling, the Token can not be affected by anything(or unless the Changeling manage to give it to the Liutenant)


Second: there are some Fissure thats allowed monsters and Hero to fast travel through the map (for the most the monsters). When a monster is adjacent to the proper token he can spend 1MP to move to the other of the same color. The same colored token are considered adjacent.

What happen when a large monster do that? When they move, large monsters shrink to one-space size and than start moving.

Can he like: move 1 space, deployng himself and expanding closer to the token and than use 1 more MP to travel to the other side? or he have to end his movement?



The OL has a card named "Reflective Ward". If the hero cant or dont want to pay 2 fatigue he will be dealt the same amount of Wound he has dealt to the target.

What exactly this means?

When the hero attak he recive the same attak, and he can use hid Defense dice?


After he inflict the wounds, he recive automatically the same amount of Wounds?

And how about all the other similar effect (like Silhouette ability)? How did they works?

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Anybody there?