bewitched characters( witch )

By mjesec1, in Citadels

when the witch bewitches someone does she take another turn just with his/her ability OR does she controls that players actions on example she chooses to build some unusefull card or to take gold and that character has plenty of it ... please can someone explain.

The witch takes her Action at step 1 (ie: take gold or cards), then she names another character and immediately stops her turn.

When the named character comes out (assuming he comes out at all), that player gets to take an Action (gold or cards) which he keeps for himself, and then he immediately stops his turn and the Witch gets to take a turn (building and using the named character's abilities.) Anything the Witch builds comes from the Witch's hand of cards and goes into the Witch's city. The Witch spends her own money, and claims any money the named character's ability would grant.

Basically, the Witch steals the named character, as opposed to the Assassin who nullifies the named character. But either of them will be a miss if the named character wasn't chosen by somebody else.

An example:

1) I chose the Witch, other people choose whatever.

2) When I reveal the Witch, I take an Action, selecting 2 gold.

3) I name the Bishop as my target, and immediately end my turn. The game proceeds with the next role (#2)

4) when the Bishop (#5) is revealed, his player takes an Action, selecting to draw a card (which he keeps himself)

5) That player immediately stops his turn - he doesn't get to build or do anything else.

6) I, as the Bewitched Bishop, may now build a district into my own city, using my own money. I may also tax Blue districts in my city, and my city is immune to the Warlord/Diplomat. The original Bishop's city is NOT protected from the Warlord/Diplomat, because I bewitched the Bishop over to my city.

7) when I'm done, the game proceeds as usual with the next role (#6)

If the Bishop was not chosen by any other player, I will end up losing out on the rest of my turn as the Witch - I won't get a chance to build or do anything else, because the Bishop never appears when called.

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thanks for clearing that up