got it!!

By Darknight4, in Blue Moon

well this arrived today, and the card art is great, must say i was hoping for some input on decks and things, it seems like this forum is really quiet.

is that because its going oop or people just not playing it, it would be a shame not to play it as you can still get nearly all the expansions.

the only ones i would really like but cant get seem to be the aqua, mainly because we are divers, anyone got a spare deck to send to uk? happy.gif

Blue Moon is an awesome game. The Aqua and the Pillar are ridiculously priced on ebay. You are better off trading for the deck(s) on BGG with someone reasonable.

i cant even find them on e bay, uk. i have posted on bcg, but never seem to get anything, sometimes i think that site is deader than a dodo gran_risa.gif

If anyone is still interested, I'm looking to part with my complete set. PM me if so!