John Kovalic... HAZZAH!

By kinnison, in Mag Blast

This man did the artwork for Mag Blast 3rd ed. You also might know work for his webcomic Dork Tower . Or many Steve Jackson Games, like Munchkin, or Chez Geek. Or even Out of the box, which made apples to apples

"Muskrat" John is a good, real life friend of mine. I used to live in the Madison Wisconsin (aka, Madtown, mudbay). He took in a feral cat got her spayed and gave away her litter of 3 kittens (and i still got one of those "kittens" living in my house 7 years later). I met his lovely 6 year old daughter, and his lovely and talented Judith. Gave him some Award winning artisan cheese as a gift for the kitten (that is something you do in wisconsin). And even had him sign a copy of Cash n' Guns for a person in California on my Board game geek secret santa.

This is a great, humble, generous man. Who is amazed that anyone thinks his artwork is any good. But the ability of him to capture expressions (like the one in my avatar) are something that transcends any work of classic art.

3 cheers for John Kovalic, one of the best friends and artist anyone could have