About The Dark City Expansion

By player737471, in Citadels

Hello all. I read citadels rules and I want to buy it. I've read in boardgamegeek.com that the third edition of the game includes The Dark City Expansion. I've checked at my local store for it, I've found two copies of the game but there is nowhere on the box that tells me what edition they are.

Can you please tell me where to check for the 3rd edition to understand that the expansion is included?

Thank you.


The 3rd edition has a small box the size of an envelope. It will say on the back that is include Dark City.

The purple circle int he lower left says includes expansion.


I recently bought the following products:

MA 04 - CITADELS - ISBN 158994030X
MA 13 - DARK CITY - ISBN 1589942604

but discovered just before opening them that my copy of Citadels says it contains the Dark City expansion as well. Before I return it to the shop (and hope for a refund!), can someone confirm that if I have a copy of Citadels that includes the Dark City expansion, I have absolutely everything in the Dark City box, and I can safely return it.