Time Length of a Game

By Hawknight, in Aye, Dark Overlord!

How long does this game take, and what makes it take longer, go faster?

This is solely up to the Dark Overlord. He can make this game as short or long as he wants. The longer the game, the less satisfying and entertaining it is. From my experience, I would gauge it to clock in at maybe half an hour for optimal playing time.

A less angry and menacing Overlord can extremely extend the game, which I do not recommend. This game lives from the Overlord's pure whim.

It sounds really fun, but I see one thread advertising a demo... how do you know so much about it if it? did you get into the demo yesterday?

It also depends on the rules variant you play. I found the first game takes a little bit to just get used to all the timing nuances . . . . but once you get the hang of it, games just fly on by along with the time.

Tends to clock in about 30 minutes each game.