MA, RI, CT, Players!!!

By Captain Punky, in UFS Organized Play

I am part of a group of 3 players here in eastern massachusetts, the most pathetic gaming area ever, by the way...

We desperately need a 4th player to even up the group. We are pretty serious players who have attended worlds 2 years in a row. (doing really well is a work in progress) In a non-tourney situation we play to test things out and especially to help out in deckbuilding and gameplay . It's always a friendly game. It's about improving our game and hey, we may even have a tourny someday!! :( )

It really is a mystery to me as to why it's so tough to find players around here...

I used to live in MA, and have at least one friend who who still lives up there who is extremely intrested in picking up a new card game. I've been telling him about UFS for a while now and he has seemed extremely intrested, but I told him the issue was that to my knowledge there was not a play group in MA. I'm not sure where in eastern MA you are? But he is on the south shore in the plymouth area. If you guys are farely close I would be sure to let him know.

We are just north of Boston. Reading, Tewksbury, and one of us is from Norton, just north east of RI. We were playing at Die Hard Games as early as last year, but I think they kinda gave up on the game. Magic rules in this area. I hate Magic..

If you can get this guy's info, that would be amazing. Have him at least join the site. Thanks a lot. Now is the best time for new players to jump in.