Any Florida players near St. Petersburg who are going to the Pro Tour?

By aslum, in UFS Organized Play


I'd really like to go to the event, and I've got an Aunt who lives in St. Pete, however it's a bit too long of a drive to ask her to make (would be a total of 8 hours driving for her). However if there is anyone who lives in that area who will be going, I'd be happy to cover gas (including for however much it takes you out of your way) in exchange for a lift there and back again.

If you can do it, please email me at yanniDOTbDOTcATgmailDOTcom

Thanks .

St Pete is only 2 1/2 3 hours away from fort myers, if you can get down here iam sure someone could get you back....also you are welcome to just fly into Fort Myers and stay with the rest of us at my place