South Arena Showdown II

By Awaken2, in UFS Organized Play

Can i get a general roll call / signup here in this forum please, anyone who will be attending or thinks they will be attending please post here..also, iam undecided on sunday if i want to dedicate the day to a team event or a legacy event, please feel free to post your opinion along with your signup post here. Keep in mind we are doing a test run for the UFS Pro Circuit here, so iwe will make it worth your while to attend!

South Arena Showdown II
October 10th and 11th 2009
Oct 10th: Standard Singles starting at 10am - After top cuts there will be a sealed event with prizes, also more TBA
Oct 11th: either standard teams event, or legacy singles event - After top cuts there will be a legacy sealed event with LOTS of legacy prize support to give out

Prizes so far include....
A plane ticket to gencon next year
Copies of Street Fighter IV and Soul Calibur IV
Life Counters
Uncut Sheets
Custom Plaques
Possibly a binder with cards in it (still waiting to hear exactly whats in the prize kit from James)
Plus a whole bunch more including lots of promos

Pre-Registration prize is yet to be determined. I will setup a way to pre-register once we figure out what the prize will be.

Entry fee for the entire weekend is $20.00, that includes entry into any events we do with the exception of sealed events. Those will be based on product price and other factors.

See you in the South Arena

This is in Fort Myers yeah?

yes Fort Myers Florida, and i should mention that our playgroup has drastically changed i know we were not fondly known, but big changes have happened

Good changes or no?

Am willing to go but would need a ride from the Orlando Airport to Fort Myers, a place to stay, and a ride back. And would come all the way form Rochester,NY for this.

Or i could attempt the dangerous 1K plus miles drive between thursday-fri, then drive back sunday-monday...LOL

we have some from orlando coming down maybe i can talk to them to see if you can catch a ride with them...

as for the changes yes they are good changes, we got rid of some players that were less than desirable and are working hard to keep our playgroup full of helpful players...

update on prize support...

2 set 12 binders.

4 life counters.

8 uncut sheets.

16 art prints. and some of the new promos
as well as a banner that says south arena showdown

okay i talked to some people in orlando and i have you a ride from orlando to fort myers and back...send me an email or AIM me so i can get you the info to get ahold of him....

[email protected]

AIM: DJxAwaken

high chane of attending but live in new york so one hell of a trip

well here is another idea as well....i own a large piece of property. I already have ATL crew and SC crew staying at my place, but we have plenty of room for tents, i also have a nice size building out back that is my gaming room that is airconditioned and stuff that we can fit some people i will house as many as i can, and then there is plenty of room on grounds if people have tents or whatever, the house will be open for bathroom access if that happens. it can be life UFS woodstock lol

Va crew sure to show atleast 4 strong

Me, Ben, Ivey, Dave confirmed.

Hey J, you may want to update your main post on this page to include all of the prizes, pre-registration prizes, and events. Remember you have to host a Legacy and teams event to meet the PTC requierments. I think you are doing that anyway, but I want you to be aware.


The Banner is not normally prize support, but rather decoration for the event. If you plan to give it out, it is fairly cheap to laminate it, and it will last and look alot better.

ShippuJinrai said:

Me, Ben, Ivey, Dave confirmed.

add in marco

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ShippuJinrai said:

Me, Ben, Ivey, Dave confirmed.

add in marco


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GeneralReaction89 said:

ShippuJinrai said:

Me, Ben, Ivey, Dave confirmed.

add in marco

lets add 4 more to that from ATL