I apologize

By Got it Memorized?, in New Key Bearers

I just realized I have posted on here for the past two days without properly introducing myself. So, hello. I hope that I may become a very active member and am hoping to learn as much about this game as possible. As such, I will have the occasional question about the game until I fully understand.

Awesomes! Certainly do I wish to state hallos 'n welcomes!

Yes, I've noted your posts 'n the sort (mind you, I've a lot on my mind, so it's more glances above all, but I'll get to them all eventually...), but I daresay keep at it. We like active members in the Forums, 'n are more than welcome to new ideas 'n concepts all around.

Again, welcome! A lil advise: read 'n re-read 'n learn the cards. Know what they mean, not what they say. It'll help drastically!

Welcome abord :P :)
If you have questions im sure all of us here are more then willing to help you out and if you ever want to play online iwth some of us theres some online rooms (you can find them in olympus colleseum)

ill tell you everything you need to know about hte game. happy.gif

Welcome to the forums... I am sure that everyone will help you out... good luck with getting started...