By DarkbladeChaos, in Legends of Percevan

Are these any goods? they sound/look funny! :D

Yes. I got both volumes in the mail the day before yesterday, and they are awesome. The lightweight PDF previews here on FFG don't really do it justice: the art is very good, precise lines, vibrant colors, very detailed frames - so when you finish the story, it is literally mandatory to re-read it inspecting each and every frame. Certain frames are real masterpieces and would look great in poster form. The artist uses his chosen style to the fullest, you'll never get a "this would look better 'shopped" feeling. Awesome.

The setting is an ahistorical version of the medieval world: there are realms named France, Arabia and China which are mythical versions of their historical namesakes' pop culture images (that is, nothing like the real thing).

The story is a classic fantasy adventure, with occasional twists and without the FINAL DESTINATION of an ending: given that it's a series, it's only expected that Percevan wins (spoiler: sometimes he doesn't), but he's too charming not to root for him, and the bad guys don't have the cloud of DOOOM hanging over them. It's also kid-friendly: no blood, the most you see is a black eye. Some designs (esp. of the titular Realm of Aslor in Vol. 2) are seriously creepy, though.