Tomb of Ice and RtL

By Crash55, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

I just picked up Tomb of Ice today and saw the new dungeons and rumors for Road to Legend. Is there an update some place for the existing dungeons in Road to Legend to make use of the new monsters? I was hoping there would be some sort of new monster list for the old dungeons.


From what I understand of the expansion the creatures are ice based therefore, logically they can only survive in the new dungeons so maybe that's why they can't be used in the older dungeons just an estimated guess on my part hope it helps

There's no official update, but check out my loadout sheet (link in my signature).

I know this isn't what you're looking for, but it bears mentioning that 12 new overlord cards were included in ToI, three of which spawn three types of the new monsters: Lava Beetles, Shades and a lone Medusa. I don't have the cards in front of me, and I've already incorporated the basics into the deck, but there may also be spawn OL cards from ToI that can be bought using treachery. I know the Ice Wyrm is the odd-man out, though. I do recommend checking out bleached lizard's download. It allows a greater degree of flexibility in dungeon-level minions.

The new monsters are easily spawnable in the RTL dungeons. I have made good use of them many times. The tread ice ability of some of the new monsters doesn't do any good in the majority of the RTL dungeons, but the other abilities they possess are quite effective. The Ghost ability and wreak havoc on a melee combat hero without reach, and the stealth ability greatly improves your chances of making heros waste fatigue and not successfully attacking.