Just got this today . . .

By mylastnerv, in Blue Moon City

. . . and I'm managed to get in a couple games thus far. I don't have th expansion tiles yet, but from the games I've played already I love this game. Lots of depth to it that others in reviews and such seem to miss.

I'll be shopping this game around for sure at our local store's "boardgaming night".

Yeah, it's a nice light game. I like that the game is ALWAYS close. I don't think I've ever played where someone didn't win only to have another player exclaim, "I'd have had it next turn!". It teaches well for the most part too, although I always have a heck of a time getting players to understand the Hoax.

Yeah, they are always pretty close matches so far.

Sometimes I feel a little long winded when I'm going over all the card abilities . . . . and think I'm overwhelming the new players. Once they start playing with the cards though they pick it up really easily.

Lucky you. I've got the Dark Overloard game but have yet to convince anyone to play it with me. Grr on people and their busy lives.

So how is it?

this looks like a good one IMO. aplauso.gif


I'm glad konrad got this summer thread out (anyway it is not as if this game forums were flooded...). My woman is eyeing on the blue moon games of FFG (she s not into my stuff, more war and violent stuff) but she has no idea of what they are (the city and the other one). Could people here, who seem to love that game, make a brief and clear explanation of what it is, and what they like and dislike in it (if it is long and we got many things to say, thats even better ;) ? That d be very nice. Cheers.

Just head over to BGG and you can read PLENTY of reviews with accompanying comments. For now, I'll just point out that while you may see a similar setting, the two games are really nothing alike.

Well thank you Trump, I'll tell you more about my appreciation when I played it....

...I just got it yesterday :)

It's a great game, though I have yet to play any with the expansion added in.

As for the above . . . . Dark Overlord is a fun game it can just be hard to have a good group ot people to play it with.