Solo Deck: Forest Masters

By Ketaroz, in Strategy and deck-building

Here I go with a single-sphere solo that I have been having MANY success on several adventures... Sharing with you guys for considerations... :)

My Hints are simple:

- Do not hold traps in your hands, keep staging area always with a trap.

- Keep summoning allies whenever you can.

- Gandalf will mostly be used as a End Game move or threat control.

- Engage often and voluntarily.

- Quest are the hard part, be smart, normally heroes quets and allies fight.

- Activate Aragorn skill around threat 43.

Have fun! And any comments are welcome! :)


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Cool. What quests have you tried it on?

I have enjoyed mono Lore decks in the past, often with more scrying/manipulation but generally the lack of will power for questing made them a bit limited for me.

What about including Wingfoot?

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If you're mostly questing with heroes anyway, why not swap out Faramir for Mirlonde? It would save you 6 threat without any loss in willpower.

-1 Haldir, -1 Anborn, -1 Gildor, +3 Silvan Tracker

-1 Haldir, -1 Anborn, -1 Gildor, +3 Silvan Tracker

I'm confused.... what for? Haldir and Mirkwood Runner are the only Silvans in the deck, and you took out a copy of Haldir... The Runner isn't likely to be doing any defense. Longbeard Mapmaker has the same stats and a more useful ability. Or maybe you had the Tracker in mind to handle defense? Could work with a Cloak of Lorien attached!

Nice comments...

I will try to reply one-by-one...


I have done several quests with this deck... hard to list, more then 20, on difficulty lvl 5 or less my success rate was around 80%... on difficulty level 6+ my success rate dropped to 40% to 50%... (but I guess thats normal on playing solo 6+ adventures).


Faramir indeed help with quests in the early stage, but Faramir skill get amazingly boosted in mid-game comboing with creatures that stay trapped in the staging area with for example (Ranger Spikes) and (Ithilien Archer)... On many games Faramir becomes the killing star... so I am a little affraid in remove him...

If I was going to replace someone for Mirlonde, maybe that could be Beravor, even her draw boost having saving me sometimes, I think it is a test that worths to do... thanks for lighting up Mirlonde again for me... was long time not considering her...

Bullroarer Took

Well, touch those guys are very complicated... if you play the deck you will realize that they are the front line in the fights most of the time, and they will die eventually, remove them just to put something weaker makes no sense for me... the deck has no resource generation problem that I would need something cheaper... So, without tell me exactly the reason for this change.. I cant understand...


Exactly GrandSpleen, you got the idea.. these are important combat characters... since he didnt explain we cant understand much what he means...

Thanks for all considerations!!

Keep them comming, and please... if possible TEST the deck and post how you feel it... :)


You might want to add Mithrandir's Advice (draw 3 cards for 1 resource) or Burning Brand (great on Gildor).

Silvan Tracker's ability stacks. It's a combo unto itself. I would rather have three STs than three MRs.

With such high threat, do you really get a lot of use out of the Ithilien Pit? I would take that out and consider adding in Secret Paths / Radaghast's Cunning to help with the quest.

Other useful cards that I would consider cutting things for would be Mithrandir's Advice, Protector of Lorien, Burning Brand, and Wingfoot.

Okay!! Many good things to consider...

Replying one by one again..


Miths Advice is definitely a very good call, I am replacing Daerons Rune for this! THANKS! (Edited on main one) The Burning Brand is way too much situation card of my opinion, since most of the time Im burning weak guys on defense, isnt a bid deal the Shadow Effects...

Bullroarer Took

Well, makes more sense now... gotta try some games with them.. But I admit I am skeptical, lets see... :)


You Know Calyx, you got a good point there... I think I should give a chance to something else in Ithilien Pit... your suggestions are interesting but i would like something more interesting...

---- OKAY Some other new changes... improovements I might say...

First, I took out the 2 Miners of Iron Hill and added 2 Elronds, since I was using the miners mostly as a Condition remover, Elrond gives more mobility and use...

Second, I got rid of the Mirkwood Runners, and got inside something more strong, more forest master.. the Wandering Ents, stronger table control now, and even they comming exausted isnt a problem.

Now the BIGGEST change... replacing hero... Mirlonde got in, and Bereavor OUT! That reduced the starting threat from 33 to 28, what is always nice.

Okay, also 3 Ithilien Pits OUT.. and one more Elrond and the 2 Wingfoots that ppl keeps telling me.. lets see..

More ideas?

Wingfoot is an amazing card, with or without scrying effects. As already said, most probably the only instance in which you will need the readying is if an enemy pops up, so just guess enemy. Lore has I think no action advantage besides that card, so I really recommend it. Also, Forest Patrol strikes me as a very unnecessary card. If an enemy is already trapped in the staging area or receiving 2 damage each round, Forest Patrol is pretty situational and, as I said, unnecessary. You're basically losing 2 cards to deal with 1 enemy, which is not really efficient.

Lembas is a good reaying card for lore

Lembas is a good reaying card for lore

Lembas is dope, has saved me from MANY a situation where I would have lost otherwise both with its healing and readying effect.

You are right, Lembas is an amazing card, and it really encourages you to use elven heroes. I'd say if you got an elf it's better than Cram. I will say though that Wingfoot is repeatable.

You guys are TOTALY right...

I realize that the Forest Patrol was always sitting in my hand for way too long...

I replace them with 3 Lembas... omg... made 5 games with it, all 5 games it made some diference...

"Exaust/Defend/Take Damage.... LEMBAS!... Ready/Shinning/ATTACK!"

Such powerfull attachment that I was not realizing... and with my Erebor Weaponsmith combed SO well.. :P

Deck updated.


I really like the theme of this deck and would like to take it through the Against the Shadow cycle, but am getting repeatedly slaughtered using it against The Steward's Fear. I'm not sure if i'm not playing the deck to its potential or if it isn't well suited to this particular quest? I've heard people discuss difficulty in the later stages of this quest depending on which plot/villan are encountered, but I'm commonly getting crushed in the first or second stage. Most commonly I've been getting location locked. With that in mind I swapped Aragorn with Elanor (treachery cancellation) and brought in some Spirit allies to help with questing and location management, but it hasn't been notably more successful and I would really rather keep to mono-lore rangers if possible.

Anyone out there have any luck with this deck against Steward's Fear? Any advice for making this work or tweaks that might make it more tailored to this quest?

Thanks for the advice.

I would take out Faramir for Lore Glorfindel and Asfaloth, and add Advance Warning and Hobbit Gandalf. He is an excellent ally for almost every deck that runs Lore Aragorn.

I put this deck together last night and instantly love it.

I tried the Silvan decks but really didn't enjoy it. This one is much more my play style.

Many thanks.

I have a hard time seeing how you wouldn't have any resource issues. I won't doubt your assessment, but I just don't see how. Along those lines, have you considered Elf-Stone? You have plenty of expensive allies that could make good use of it.

I want to give this deck a try soon, and see for myself how well it handles resources.

I'll try this deck as well!

I used this deck on the Hunt for Gollum and had a great time and won it.

Next up is Conflict at the Carrock, which I believe is combat heavy.

I don't want to break up the deck, but don't think it will cut the mustard.

Any ideas how to proceed. (I've been pondering this for about 2 weeks already).


My advice would be to give it a try before determining that it wont work.

That's fine advise. I will proceed and report back.

Many thanks.