Official clarification of Forced March

By Leviatas, in Nexus Ops

I have been looking around the forum and I saw different answers of using correctly forced march.

1) You can use it to move a Magma leaper to a magma pool and jump from there. The same will apply to a dragon and the monolith. (Move to it and then fly anywhere)

2) You can use it to add +1 movement to the normal movement of the creature. Example: A Magma leaper could jump 3 hexes, a Rock strider could move to a rock plain and move an additional space from there.

3) You can use it to make the dragon that flies with Rubium to move one of it's movements without the cost of rubium. Example spend 2 Rubium to move 4 spaces.

Anyone knows of an oficial clarification of this matter?

Thank you!

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Mind posting the text on the card? It'd be easier for those who play the game but don't have it at hand to give you an answer :)

Has this been resolved?

All I know is that its not a +1 movement bonus. It simply states, "...move 1 extra hex." so #2 mentioned above is out (but can move one extra hex after jump?), and #3 is out because the Monolith Wyrm says, "Pay 1 rubium for each hex beyond the first", so even with the forced march you still pay for each hex beyond the first. Now #1 is a possibility, and seems okay, but are there any official rulings in the FFG forums, or is there an official FAQ that I have not seen?

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