By jogo, in Dust


have anyone of one some cool modifications for the game? I like it, how it is, but I think it could be more.

There doesn't seem to be much area for improvement or additions. It's got a lot of personality which is probably the biggest difference from other games like it, example Risk. The only main difference added could be like Risk 2099 which put Heros into the game. This would more or less make it just another minatures game. All in all its a lot of fun.

Here are some home rules designed for 4 to 6 players games that adress the two main flaws of this otherwise great game.

1 - The map is in my opinion really unbalanced and starting in Europe can be a great advantage for an experienced player, particularly in a "premium" game. Therefore in my gaming circle we change the map every game. Here's the way to proceed:

Before you deal the first 6 cards, in turn, each player puts on the board one of the "ressource" tokens. Put them upside down so the black side is visible to read more easily the map.

You can't put two tokens close to one another and you have to put 4 ressource tokens in the sea and 11 on the land.

Once it is done, deal the cards and determine normally who the first player is.

Then in order of play, each player places his capital on a land square.

2 - After a few games we noticed that the game turn gives a great importance to the cards and then to chance. All too often playing first enables you to cripple an enemy making impossible any retaliation, particularly in a 5 or 6 players game.

Therefore, instead of playing one player's production, movement and combat phases before moving to another player, we used to play every players production phase in order of play, then every player's movement phase and finally every player's combat phase.

This way it is much more difficult to anihilate quickly and by surprise an opponent and so you get to create much more alliances and tabletop diplomacy which can be a lot of fun isn't it ?

The cards work almost the same way with these changes so you don't have to rebalance the game.

Here are some basic and light changes. Feel free to send some feedback.

Enjoy !!

I dont understand the first example very well. Can you clarify how this helps out? How do you determine who places first since you dont have cards? What does this do to break the capital placement problem?

I do dig the concurrent production and movement idea however! I will be implimenting that right away! NEW HOUSE RULE! gran_risa.gif