First-time Hero needs some advice

By CaelanCross, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Hello everyone,

So my friends and I recently started our first campaign of Road to Legends and unfortunately I have been a little late to the game looking up strategies for heroes. What I have read is that the early game seems to be really important for the hero side and the most common strategy seems to something called the "Art of the Blitz," where you only do the first map or two of the first dungeons you enter to limit CT gain and earn as much cash as you can... unfortunately my group has done pretty much the exact opposite of that :o

We are about 5-6 weeks in (game time), OL is the Demon Prince, with a CT score of 42 heroes - 34 Overlord; we have cleared 2 dungeons (Starfall, Gate to the North) and Nerekhall has been destroyed.

This is our Party breakdown (random chars and skills):

Lord Hawthorne: Dragontooth hammer, chainmail, belt of strength (Weapon Master)

Trenloe the Slow er.. Strong: Boneblade, Morningstar [off-hand], Chanimail (Mighty)

Ronan of the Wild: Crossbow, Crystal Shield, Leather, Ring of Protection (Rapid Fire)

Truthseer Kel: Cone of Fire, Immolation, Cloak of Deception, Ghost Armor, Mana Weave (Inner Fire, Prodigy)

We are sitting on about 4.4k gold + three pots each (we love our stamina and power pots), and have purchased no Tamalir or Party Upgrades.

Our OL basically only uses 4 types of mob: Skelle Archers, Sorcs, Razor Wings and Beastmen, though he has started eyeballing Demons and Hellhounds now that he has enough CT to upgrade Eldritch mobs and still have enough left over for Crushing Blow. His strategy so far has been to drag things out for a long as possible and then blitzing Ronan or Kel when the time is right; he has been effective at scoring a kill in a single turn, even if it means losing those mobs the next turn. My concern is that he is going to start scoring a lot more kills with silver mobs.

So the question is, what do we do from here?

My idea was spend a day in Tamalir, grab 1 or 2 market upgrades, the staff of the wild (double movement upgrade), have one char go to market and the other three grab some power dice; then we could jump to Gardens of Tarn where we have a rumor (+1 to all markets), and from there we could either try to go after Alric Ferrow (I really want to kill him before silver) or start making our way to a Secret Master.

What do you guys think? Should we stick to my first thought (above) or try a "Art of the Blitz" style strategy for our next dungeon or two? Any tips for dealing with the OLs tactics I outlined?

Any input would be helpful,

Thx for Reading,