Feats in RtL campaign?

By Blustar, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Are there rules for inorporating the feats into RtL expansion?

I'm trying to decide if I should get this to help the heroes in the campaign or by Last NIght on Earth. Only one more game for the year, (wife's orders!)

Or I could get Android but I know jack **** about it...

I played last night on earth, not to enjoyable imo, its nice if you like zombies, I was pretty enthusiastic about it, but it kinda dissapointed me. Really random, players got to shoot a gun, once or twice before running out of bullets, and I overwhelmed them pretty fast.

Feats work the same weather your playing RTL or not.

You start with the same number, you collect 1 every glyph activated.

The feats help the Heroes more in copper but certainly not overly strong. Gives the hero's a trick up their sleeve, an unknown factor like the OL's cards.

I made all the feat cards on card stock because i really wanted to give them a try and implemented them right into the current campaign we were running. The Heroes really enjoyed their addition and it did not adversely affect the OL

Tomb of Ice also adds some neat heroes and monsters.

4 new dungeons and more than 4 new encounters + maps.

1 New Rumour

New Town, Copper, Silver and Gold Treasure

I ordered the Tomb of Ice expansion as soon as it showed up on the FFG store and since opening it really enjoy the content.

I want Tomb of Ice just because of the intresting heroes :)

That conquest 1 fairy dude looks cool

FFG has a nice video and posts on the Android site now... kind of a Blade Runner invesigation game.

Tomb of Ice looks great, and it's wonderful that they're making sure to incorporate RtL in the expansion... not to mention the new Heroes that "break the mold" of the 3-Trait, 3-Skill people.

Tomb of Ice: More Descent is never a bad thing. Some interesting looking heroes, a few more mosters, and some new board bits too (not to mention some fluff). However, those monsters wll have little affect on your current RtL campaign and the heroes will have none. Feats are another matter though. Some of them seem quirky and vaguely cool, others seem crazy good.

Still, they are no more annoying than Crushing Blow....

Android: This is a completely unknown quantity. It looks interesting that's for sure, and going by the latest sneak peak that Kevin posted I'm certainly intrigued. But I've been curious about new games before and just as many have turned out crud as they have brilliant... Who knows about this one. I intend to wait for more info and, ideally, the rules so I can get a decent feel for how it'll play.

Last Night on Earth: This is a fun and fairly straight forward zombie romp. It is LEAGUES ahead of 'Zombies!!!' by Twilight Creations, and is accessible enough for non-gamers to enjoy (I've played this with several). I'm completely unsure on the balance of it though. On occasions the zombie player(s) have utterly trounced the heroes, and on occasions vice versa. Is this indicitive of a brilliantly balanced game? There have been some close calls too, granted. The production quality is nice (not quite FFG standards mind), and overall, if you like the theme, you'll struggle to dislike this.

These guys (Flying Frog) also make a game called 'A Touch of Evil' which is sort of a lite-Arkham Horror game, with a 'Sleepy Hollow' theme rather than a Lovecraftian one. It's also shorter by a country mile. If you like Arkham, you could consider this too.

Alternatively, as this is a FFG board *winks*, Battlestar Galactica has recently hit the shelves, and if you can get 5 friends to play it with you, you'll have a blast. It's an awesome game, and I love it.

Do the heroes collect the number of feats equal to their skills at the begining of every dungeonin RtL? Do they carry over between dungeons?

They carry over.

When the heroes are first chosen you draw feats equal to their skills but afterwards they only ever get 1 per glyph activated.