Finally played it, some tips ?

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So the non gaming gf and I finally got round to playing this last night with just the core set and recommended set up. I used Miskatonic & Cthulhu and she used The Syndicate & Shub which she one 3-0 ! That's probably why she liked the game

What's the deck building part of this game like compared to others ? I've only had deck building experience with Android: Netrunner while I also own AGoT and Star Wars there both only the core sets and SW looks the easiest to deck build with.

The only expansion I have with CoC is Secrets of Arkham which is the revised edition, what others do we need ?

Do I only need to buy the deluxe expansions now ? Have they done away with the smaller packs ?

Are there any deck building guides out there for CoC ?


I think Cthulhu has the best deckbuilding possibilities out of the LCGs. It's completely open: you can play any card in any deck, the trick is its brilliant resourcing system. If you play too many factions/steadfast/loyal cards, you'll have problems resourcing and playing them all. Dual faction decks work well and tri faction decks are doable but can be inconsistent.

I recommend picking up the rest of the deluxe boxes. They're a great value and the faction boxes (like The Key and the Gate) provide powerful and synergistic cards. FFG now only releases deluxe boxes, no more Asylum packs (although they're still legal in tournaments).

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