New "Craft" cards for the heroes now available in the BGG files section!

By Bleached Lizard, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Hi guys,

I have just uploaded a series of cards (called "Crafts") that I have been working on for some time to the BGG files section. They are an alternate form of skill/feat for the heroes, and are designed to encourage much more in depth character development, as well as allow for more interesting game effects (not all necessarily directly related to combat, yet still all useful).

You can find them here:

Please check them out and let me know what you think, and as always any feedback - as well as GeekGold tips - gratefully accepted!



I downloaded and checked them out at a glance. I need more time to look these over.

It certainly seems cool as a knee-jerk reaction.

I am only skeptical because it seems as if there is enough customization/replayability with the game as is...especially with ToI on the way soooon.

Can't seem to extract the pdf. What program did you use to create the archive?

I also can't open the pdf.

Gave the rules a quick read and it sounds pretty great. Much more interesting / complex than the feat cards in ToI.

Thanks guys! happy.gif

I used WinZip to create the archive. Some people also reported problems opening the .zip file on a previously uploaded file as well, though I have no idea why! I also can't open them on the computer at work. Any ideas, guys? I'd be happy to upload an updated version of both files if it meant more people could open them...

Your Winzip seems to use a 64-bit encryption mthod that not all zip programs can decrypt - at least that's what my software (ZipGenius) is telling me. I'd try poking around in the encryption settings. I tried another utility (WinRAR) which worked fine.

I was able to open the pdf on my computer at home and all I can say is WOW!!! I will try and elaborate once I've had a chance to go over the 150+ cards.

Well done Bleached Lizard.

There's actually only 144 cards. gui%C3%B1o.gif


Great job! aplauso.gif

I wasn't able to view the cards... corazon_roto.gif . Although the idea seems fantastic.

I wasn't able to read the cards, but its a nice idea. You keep talking about a The Creeping Decay expansion in the rules. Where did you find out about this?

MyNameSux said:

I wasn't able to read the cards, but its a nice idea. You keep talking about a The Creeping Decay expansion in the rules. Where did you find out about this?

No need to "find out" - I'm designing it. ;o)

I'm developing a number of mods for Descent, two of which are published to BGG already - the level loadout sheet and the Craft cards. Soon to follow will be updated skill cards for RtL, alternate level layouts for the already-existing dungeon levels (though both of these are originally based on ideas by Inle Badger - I'll just be designing the physical sheets) as well as around 22 new monsters.

Once they're all complete I'll re-publish them as a complete downloadable expansion entitled The Creeping Decay .

Sorry to disappoint. gui%C3%B1o.gif

This does look pretty sweet, great idea, there can almost always be more depth added to any game. I only have the base game and the well of darkness expansion, only been playing about 6 months, but man, this game is AWESOME.