Scenarios for playing using the Britannia game

By Gruffling, in Britannia

Has anyone tried using the Britannia game to try out other scenarios? The more recent version of the game does this by having a "Roman Game", a "Dark Ages Game" and a "Viking Game" but they really just carve up the game into chunks based on the established timeline.

What I have in mind is a scenario I call " The Kings of Britain " that has an additional nation, new scenario rules, and specifies its own start and end dates. I have established an 8 turn game which covers the period AD 950 - 1100, starting with Cnut and ending after the conquest. It adds a dimension of Kingship and Rulership in Scotland and Wales as well as England which is moderately complicated. There is also an option for the Normans to build Mottes to show that they had this advantage over their rivals and as well as a suggested set-up there is also a semi-randomised set-up option.

If anyone is interested in beta testing it for me, I would be happy to share a pdf. It is to be distributed purely on a not for profit basis for the enjoyment of game players. You will require a copy of the 2005/2008 game.