Compatibility question

By Julia, in A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - A Dance with Dragons

Is it possible to play the Scenario with the first edition of the game (I own all expansions)?

I do love AGoT, but it rarely hits the table since my group isn't that big, so that getting the second edition is not an option for me, but I was curious to see if this Scenario, maybe with some small change, could be played with 1st ed.

Thanks for help :)


Yes, easily. The 2nd edition rules are available online or you can stick with 1st edition if you want. It is really just a variant on starting positions plus new cards to use for the different houses.

Balance wise, you'll probably want to turn that 3rd siege engine into a knight - 3 siege engines are too much and cutting down to 2 + bumping up to 5 knights was a good fix for 2nd edition

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