Exact component list

By Corwyn77, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

I'm getting into 2e and I am trying to sell of some of my 1e sets. Is there a precise list of components from these boxes. Specifically, I'm looking for which heroes are in which set and exactly which map pieces.

For instance, the component lists in the rules will say how many room or corridor pieces, but not how many of each size/length.

I made this thread here:


Unless you've made up your mind for a good reason, I wouldn't sell your first edition. They both play very differently and appeal to different gamer groups. While I can get 2E to the table more often because of its shorter length and greater accessibility, I far prefer the grandness (even if it is bloated) of the original. When I find a group willing to play, it's the best.

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It looks like the list was taken down at BGG. Any chance of reposting the component lists?

It was taken down because I had to close my old account. I'll put it up again