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Don't want to sound like a mad kid getting headshotted in CS but WTF is that? Is it really needed? We know nothing of this game so maybe my comment is out of place but why would you release another light card game based on the GoT series when you already have one out there?

Maybe it's the greatest game ever made and i'm a whinny little radish but i'm not pleased by that announcement at all when games like Horus Heresy, Android, Merchant of Venus, Runebound, DungeonQuest to name only those don't get love at all...

Anyways, on a happy note, season 4 starts next month!

I don't think this is a typical card game. It doesn't sound anything like the games you've mentioned. If anything it sounds more like a board game... just that you play it with cards and no board.

My reaction was the same as yours at first, but after reading the article, it sounds quite different.

There is no light Game of Thrones card game, so I welcome it and will try it at the $9.95 price point and 15-30 min.playing time.

Anyways, on a happy note, season 4 starts next month!

On April, 6th, according to imdb.com...

Does anyone else think this looks like a re-skin of Intrigue? Not complaining, just want to see if I'm taking crazy pills.

Based on the card images, which show nothing but a picture and House color, it sounds like this is a super simple game that could be played with a poker deck. The fact that the theme is Westeros intrigue and the Targaryens are involved makes it seem a bit thoughtless, theme-wise. Dany should not be placed into court, yet that's what you do according to the post.

It sounds like a neat, light card game. I am just scratching my head at the theme. Doesn't seem like something Thronesy at all.

When I said Intrigue, I meant Masques.

Nothing calls to mind the intrigue of Westeros like penguins.

Someone should do a cartoon version of the show but replace the White Walkers with a horde of penguins.

I'll be the first to admit I'm a fan of thematic gameplay, so an abstract game like this just feels like an easy way to cash in on the license, which is a fair disappointment given FFG's strong reputation. Was anyone else wishing their next Game of Thrones offering would be an adventure game? ASOIAF is intensely character-driven, but so far we have the board game, which is large-scale; and the card game, where characters are bound by loyalty unless they're from House Bolton. I'd love to see a story-rich game that has players moving little character tokens around George R.R. Martin's world and having lots of bad things happen to them.

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I guess this is FFG making an easy filler product like Love Letter .

Also it is a Reiner Knizia game, this is gonna be some sort of number based card game, with a paper thin Game of Thrones theme pasted on. No thanks, this is a pass for me <_<

Not excited about this at all, I'm praying for another House release for Battles of Westeros, instead we're given another card game as if there aren't enough out there especially based on Game of Thrones.