Revealing rank due to an ability

By allstar64, in Blood Bound

I just want to be 100% sure on this one. If you are hit by the 2, 4, 5, or 7s ability and you are forced to reveal your rank you do NOT get to use the ability right? This is strongly implied by the rulebook but I find it odd that it isn't explicitly stated except in the roundabout way of saying: "Note: An ability that forces a player to suffer wounds is not an attack." Being robbed of your ability would be super unapealing and I'm rather suprised that the rulebook doesn't explicitly state it so I just want to be certian.

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Yes, you are correct, as the rules (P.5, Abilities) say:

"Immediately after a player takes his rank token

to suffer a wound during an attack , either as the target or the
intervener, he may use his character ability" (The emphasis is mine)
So being forced to suffer a wound cannot trigger the ability. But please note that for abilities 2,4,7, the victim can choose to take affiliation token; only ability 5 forces the victim to take the Rank token (if it is available).