For geeks?

By Mike, in Black Sheep

Anybody knows if that's a game that even a hardcore Arkham Horror/BSG geek could enjoy?

There isn't any reviews out yet on BGG but you can read the rules here:

But to answer your question, there is nothing that would correlate between a hardcore game like Arkham Horror and this title. So whether you would like it is up to you. I play a lot of heavier games (if AH can truly be included in that category) but still like "mindless" kids' games like Los Mampfos or 'simple" games like Carcassonne .

It depends on the gamer as to if they like a game. I mean I played hardcore Yu-Gi-Oh for 7 years (since it came out in 2000) and now I play Kingdom Hearts which is just taking off the ground and really is completely different but I still like it.

But this game looks interesting, and thats all I'm saying on the matter cause I haven't come up with a definate opinion yet.

Simpler games like this make great "Beer & Pretzle" Games.

Add Alcohol, and watch hijinx ensue.

This game seems an intriguing blend of Old Maid, Hearts, and Poker played with plastic miniaturer barnyard animals. I can see a lot of strategy in it coupled with the whimsey of the animals. As a filler between heavier games, I think this has a lot of potential. I can imagine this geek getting a lot of fun out of it.

I don't believe that games of different complexity can be compered. Because for me - when I have time I play WoW, when I don't - Citadels. It's always fun!

that does sound kinda fun. I've always liked a quick casual game like that. Munchkins, fist of dragonstones... problem is I get bored with them after about 20 plays. You see everything in munchkins... dragonstones lasts longer because you're really playing your opponent in an almost poker like way.

Antigoth said:

Simpler games like this make great "Beer & Pretzle" Games.

Add Alcohol, and watch hijinx ensue.

amen to that :)

nothing says "arguing over nothing" better than some alcohol.

I sure have to try those sheeps

(err.. as in board game:)

For farm yard animals in a game - remember "Pass the Pigs?"

Many hours of great game play - and a sure fire winner when inebriated.

Despite the "cutesy" theme, Black Sheep is a game that adults can play. It has a high luck factor though: if you draw the right cards at the right time you'll win - if you don't, you won't.

this sounds like a great game. and great for kids too. i like.

It is a light game but I thought it was good for kids. It teaches them things they will use in other games when they get older. (set collecting/poker hands)