character creation

By gilbur, in Proofreading Changes

step: 8 page 31: There are three general categories of Motivation--- Idealism, Revenge, and Necessity.

Shouldn't this read: Belief, Connection, and Quest.?

Great Books by the way, glad to be able to help mold the system.

Nope, this should be whatever appears in the actual Beta. Not what appeared in the editing copy. Much changes.

It should be safe to assume that anything Fiddleback directly mentioned in his "First Look" article that doesn't match up with what's printed in the Beta rulebook is a deliberate change from the editing copy that he based his article off of.

After all, there were some deliberate design changes between the Final Week Update for the EotE Beta and the EotE core rulebook.

this is from the beta book, check under the motivations on pages 68 and 69. The charts do not read Idealism, Revenge, or Necessity. I thought this is were the proof-reading goes. Then something needs to be changed from the two sections then to match them up to each other before the final run in October.

Ahh, my apologies for misunderstanding your initial post.

not a problem, I thought maybe you did not get the just of my proof-reading. I do enjoy your stormtrooper poetry on Order 66 podcast which i do not listen to by the way. I forgot to type in the other pages from motivation section of character creation. Thanks for posting me as the one that caught the little mistake in the section.