LOS through Building

By Innumite, in Dust Tactics Rules Discussion

Hello guys,

I have a specific question regarding LOS into and through buildings... I hope a picture helps in understanding my problem:


Doors are marked by the little white nudges in the otherwise blue building.

Can unit A see any other unit than B in this situation? The way I played until now is that unit A is able to attack B and C, but not D nor E. I thought it would make sense that units can look into a building just like it could look outside if it's standing in the doorframe, and because I feel the rulebook has a way of wiggling itself around special cases like this one without explanations :)

But as I'm typing this, I'm starting to understand what the answers in this thread mean: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/857293/firing-through-a-building

When in the doorframe on the outside, I have to imagine the building as pitch black without lights inside, and I can only see as far as the lights shine that are depicted on the floor of the buildings, right? So A can only see B, and neither C nor D and E can see A (because of the two-way street principle of shooting).

Am I correct?

Am I right with the assumptions from my last post? Am I wrong? I don't know.

This IS the official forum for Dust: Tactics, is it not?