Unofficial Expansion - Pirates of the High Winds

By SkullNBones, in Sky Traders

After playing Sky Traders, we fell in love with the game, however there were a few points that we wanted a little more depth too. Thus Pirates of the High Winds was born. This is an unofficial expansion and will require a few home made peices to be added to the game. (Appologies, but as the pieces I made for home play uses art from the original game, I do not possess the right to distribute that art and so am only including the rules here).


Pirates of the High Winds

Pirates of the High Winds expands on the game play found within Sky Traders © by Fantasy Flight Games and Dust Games . The following rules are optional and should only be used if all players agree.

Changes to existing rules:

Collect Minerals - This action may not be used while in a city, the volcano or upon the high winds (see below).

Mine the Clouds - This action may not be used while in a city, also the clouds at the volcano are thick with impurities, any ship using this action while at the volcano only receives one(1) phlogiston as a result.

New rules:

Canons - Canons may be purchased while at the Wind Pirate's Cove . Note* arming one's skyship with extra canon is considered an act of piracy, thus having canon onboard is the same as carrying illicit goods (like grog) and will cause the sky patrol to attack.

Canons are like crew cards and may only be placed in the holds indicated. Additionally canon can not be placed in a hold that has a Cargo Hold Upgrade , hold goods, crew or sludge.

In battle, for each canon a skyship has equipped an extra combat die is rolled, the player then uses the best result.

(Canons can be placed in holds 4, 5, or 6 and cost 100G.)

Looting - The Combat Round now has an additional step (after Damage, but before Pursue/Withdraw): Looting - the winner of the round may choose the contents of one hold or half the gold the opposing player started the battle with rounding up (thus requiring winning two rounds to loot all the gold a ship was carrying when combat began). (Note that looting is done after damage is applied, so it is possible to destroy the very cargo the pirate was hoping to loot.)

The High Winds - Pirates of the High Winds adds several open air tiles to the game (called the High Winds). These tiles are placed as all other tiles at the beginning of the game. While on a high winds tiles, a skyship may Mine the Clouds or Attack A Skyship (if present) as normal. The main purpose of the high winds tiles is to expand the map, if a quicker game is desired, the high winds tiles may be left out of the game.

Rank Has Its' Privilege - After the Close of the Guild Council, whichever skyship captain holds the highest rank in the guild, enjoys the favor among the trade cities. That captain may buy/sell goods at one value lower or higher than the current market price. This does not apply to Sludge (or Grog). Also note that the Guild Privilege has no sway in the Wind Pirate's Cove and all prices are at market value for any goods sold there. If more than one skyship captain is tied for the highest rank, none gain the Privilege.

A Price On Their Head - No reputable skyship captain would do business with pirates, thus any captain conducting Trade at the Wind Pirate's Cove becomes wanted and takes a wanted token.

Letter of Marque - A skyship captain may be awarded (purchase) a Letter of Marque from the Dual City. While the captain possess this Letter of Marque, he may attack other players without receiving a Wanted token (though he may still collect the bounty on other wanted traders). Additionally the Sky Patrol and Airmarshal will also not "inspect" a skyship for illicit goods that carries a Letter of Marque, however Wind Pirates will attack the reviled privateer on site. Note: A skyship captain can not purchase a Letter of Marque if they are Wanted, they must first remove the Wanted token.

(A Letter of Marque may be purchased for 100G.)

Hey, I like the rules a lot. One question though, how many copies of cannons do you include?

Glad you like the rules, I included a number of canon cards equal to the Hold Upgrade cards. I also included six Letters of Marque (I expanded my game to include another player). But if you find different amounts balance well, please let me know what you use.