who else is considering buying this book?

By myfortune1423, in Legends of Percevan

im defenitly going to buy when it comes out it looks great

It sure looks good, and the price is not too steep either.

I'll pick it up if/when it comes to the local game store.

It is the kind of thing I'm likely to pick up to unwind. The artwork sort of takes me back to Peyo and The adventures of Johan and Peewit. Given that it is French, I suppose that would explain the influence.

I am interested; what is it about?

Wilfred Owen said:

I am interested; what is it about?

well, read the info page :)

Already have the first two on order (first one should be on its way).

I probably won't, but I remember these as a kid and thought they were at least decent. Can't remember much though.

I will most likely pick it up. Was a big fan of this series when I was a kid but only five of them got published here in Sweden. Hope that FFG will publish all 15 (16?) and then I will certainly collect them all.

I'm growing some interest for this graphic...

I can't be sure if I'll actually buy it, but I am looking into it...

Isn't this one of the characters that Christian was trying to publish back in the old pre-boardgame FFG days? I'll at least consider it. I already bought that great Cthulhu art book.

if its anything like the lonewolf series im gonna get it.

id preorder if they made a talisman book

ill pick a copy up. just to check it out.

I agree with konrad. You have to buy it to try it

flervk said:

Wilfred Owen said:

I am interested; what is it about?

well, read the info page :)

mehhh 40/60 50/50 60/40

I've ordered the first book now. If it's any good I'll buy the three others as well.

Sweet book! I had a great time reading the first, so I ordered the other three now.