Descent Light?

By Luftwaffe Flak, in Drakon

Is this game different enough from Descent to warrant the purchase? Maybe even a shorter version for when you dont have time to play a full game of Descent? TIA

I have never played Descent (though I am looking into getting it) but I am almost certain that the two games are nothing alike. Other than the plastic "Hero" figures, that is. Don't be fooled by the look of the pieces though; Drakon almost has nothing at all to do with fantasy. The game mechanics and the theme have absolutely nothing to do with each other. The game could have been given any sort of "wrapping", sci-fi, military, modern day, you name it. This is not to knock Drakon at all, just be prepared for it. I was a bit surprised when I opened up the box and discovered that for myself. Thisis a strategy game, pure and simple like Chess, that just happens to be sent in a fantasy dungeon.

From what little I knw about it, Descent seems more like a Talisman or Heroquest type game. Battling monsters, "leveling up" your hero, and exploring a dungeon while enemies (either controlled by the game or another player) try to kill you.

Drakon is nothing like that at all. The end-all, be-all of Drakon is tile placement. The board is like a computer program, and your pieces simply follow the program that you and the other players build. Very little player choice comes from where you move your piece. 9 times out of 10 you don't have a choice about where to move your piece anyway; the arrows on the board dictate that. The biggest choice, and the heart of the game, is what tile to place and where . Do you place a tile in an attempt to screw over another player, or to help yourself? What can you do with the tiles in your hand? Do you just toss one on the board where it won't matter and hope to draw a more useful one?

If you're looking for a game about controling an adventuring hero who explores dungeons, slays monsters and finds treasure, go with Descent. If you want a pure strategy game that has deceptively simple rules, but lots of depth go with Drakon. Just be prepared for the theme to have nothingto do with the actual mechanics.

I actully own and enjoy both this game and Descent. However, the above poster is completely on the mark when he says that the two games are not even remotely similar. Drakon is a strategy game with a layer of fantasy (even if it does use some of the same figures as Descent) and Descent is an all out fantasy dungeon crawl. That said, I really like both games.

Not at all, this is a much faster paced puzzler, a simple game but a true gem.

Its a tile placer but each tile lays out paths that eaither you or your opponents must traverse in order to collect wealth, some tiles have traps and obstacles that make it difficult to get to your goal, plus the dreaded drakon tiles, which moves the Dragon through the board killing your hero, taking your money, and sending you to square one.

hope this helps!


some informative posts here. thanks!

This game looks really sweet! I might have to get it. It looks fun and really fast(unlike most modern games)!