online midnight campaign

By Laceration H, in Midnight Second Edition

what a coincidence! i am just about to start a new midnight campaign! as a matter of fact, i am in need of another player (possibly 2). we play on weekly on wednesdays from 9pm to midnightish EST over maptools and skype. i am starting of with "crown of shadows". this is the groups first foray into the grim world of Midnight but it is easily my favorite setting. our group has been together for over a year (playing pathfinder) so you can be assured that the group won't dissolve after a few sessions. if you're interested, PM me and i'll give you more details.

ps. i'm glad to see Midnight back on the radar. and if they do decide to "update" the setting, i hope they don't give it the WFRP 3 or star wars treatment. i don't mind buying the books, but if i have to buys cards, special dice, tokens, and any other board game pieces and expansions, i'll happily stick with Midnight 2E. I know i'm probably in the minority but that is why i still play star wars RCR, and WFRP 2E for that reason.

I very much doubt you are in the minority as far as people who prefer not to have custom dice, cards, and other boardgame style accessories.

My regular gaming group are all massive fans of WHFR2E but after a very short test of 3E we gave up and went back to 2 as our normal venues don't have the table space for all the cards, and with 6-8 players plus a GM there were never enough dice.

I hope any rules update sticks to 'normal' dice with numbers on rather than strange custom symbol dice.

Good luck with your campaign


What system are you using? I might be interested if you aren't using 3.5 or d20.

You still doing this?

sorry, haven't been back here in a while.

but yeah, i'm still running this. we're just about done with crown of shadow and i am running it in 3.5. it's turning out to be loads of fun and i must be doing something right because we just switched from a year long campaign of pathfinder and i thought for sure they would approach midnight the same way they did for that. but not at all. they avoid combat when possible, run from orcs, and completely turn the other way if they sense an ambush or feel outnumbered. the paranoia is quite high. they've lost many npc friends and allies and have even suggested continuing the campaign after crown of shadow by sailing the pelluria and pirating shadow patrols. they totally get the feel of the setting and although they sometimes feel like heroes, they never feel invincible which is what i like about midnight.