A couple of questions

By GodOfLions, in Sky Traders

First off it is a fun game, but we have a few questions:

1. Is the Pirate cove considered a city, or can you only purchase Grog from there? We were wondering if we could do the normal stuff you can in the cities, as well as do you get a wanted token for dropping sludge on the cove?

2. What happens if you cannot place dice during the Investments phase? For example we rolled five 6's on the dice, but we can only place four total dice on the board.

3. What happens if during tile placement you cannot place the Hyperzephyers five tiles away, or you cannot place a tile due to no available alternate color arrows?

Our answers were:

1. The cove is not a city, so no Trade actions can be done besides buying Grog, and no wanted token form dumping.

2. We just do not place the dice.

3. We just rearranged the tiles by mutual agreement so that things worked.

Are those answers correct, or did we miss something?