Talk about a game that passed under the radar

By SolennelBern, in Sky Traders

Wow…after a few previews there was silence…and then BAM! the game is released.

Nothing much is known about Sky Traders except that it looks like a Merchants and Marauders in the sky and instead os sailing ships we have giant flying heads on a stand. I was pretty excited about ST since it was announced but now i'm on the fence.

Sure the components, like any other FFG product, look awesome, modular board is awesome, flying ships is really cool, but flying heads? That is a pretty weird idea imo. Nothing major and probably could get a couple of laughs and jokes out after a few beers but what in the hell did FFG had in mind when they decided that Giant heads would be a better idea then Airships?

Anyways, it would be cool to have some thoughts and opinion from those of you who got the game. It look interesting enough but i'm sure some of us are on the fence about it.

Thanks for sharing your sessions of Sky Traders! happy.gif

I will be replacing the Heads with Ships.

I am sure the game will be a blast but visually the heads are odd…

Most likely will make a spot on my shelf for it.. after Descent 2nd …

Anyone own Letters of Marque? Would the plastic ships that come in that be more appropriate? I'm in agreement on the weird choice of pawns.

Oh and to the OP, we had a week's notice that the game would ship now when an article came out announcing the rules were up for download.