Crushing blow vs Blocked feat

By gran_orco, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

If the OL plays a crushing blow after a successful attack and after that a hero plays the blocked feat card (the attack becomes a miss), how you should treat this?

Should the OL give the chance to the hero player to play a feat card and put later into play his treachery card? What happens if the ol plays his card first? I remember reading time ago in this forum that the crushing blow is descarted because the attack becomes a miss, but I cannot find it.

The FAQ says that the active side "has priority" in such cases. While this in itself leaves room for many discussions, I always interpreted it in the way that Crushing Blow is resolved first, then the Hero may execute his Feat (which would become useless since the item has already been destroyed at that point).

We had included the question for a more precise handling of such situations in the FAQ proposal document, so if the FAQ comes, we will probably know…

We house ruled that a single card may only be played on a single trigger condition, regardless of the side that plays the card. So if both sides have a card in which the trigger is an attack, only one side may play a card.

there is a feat, i believe, that can cancel crushing blow, but i don't remember its name right off the bat.

Edit: the feat is Preventing Evil from the Wizardry deck.