“The Adversary” - Cold War: CIA vs KGB Solo Variant

By LexMajor, in Cold War: CIA vs KGB

Hi all. I whipped up this little solo variant of the game to pass time, and found it overall enjoyable. Nothing replaces a human opponent, and it's a lot more subject to randomness, but nonetheless fun. I would appreciate feedback if you give it a spin!


Pick a side, but whether you play the CIA or the KGB, your opponent will be referred to as “The Adversary”.

Discard the Analysts: they are not used in solo play.

Your turns are played normally (draw, activate or pass), with the following differences:

  • The Balance of Power Token is assigned normally each turn but always means that the side its possession goes in second. (i.e you go first if The Adversary has the Balance of Power).
  • The Adversary’s Agent X is determined randomly each turn within the agents that are not on leave and were not killed or assassinated. Place it face down after the objective is set.
  • Political group ability : When you use a Political groups to bring a group over from The Adversary’s side, it comes over already mobilized (i.e. you cannot use its ability)
  • Cease-Fire : If successful, The Adversary’s Double Agent sends one of your Agents on leave randomly selected among the ones that are not already dead or on leave. The Deputy Director cannot be sent on leave.

How The Adversary plays
The Adversary will always draw cards unless he is within 2 of the objective’s Stability , or has met the population limit. He then automatically passes (which means the Influence Struggle is over when you both pass, as usual)

The Adversary’s groups are never “ready” or “mobilized”. Instead, when the Adversary draws a card, put it with his groups, and immediately apply the following effect :

  • Political Groups: The Adversary immediately seizes one of your group with the highest power that does not make him go over either the Stability level or the Population limit. In case of groups with equal power follow the current objective's bias icons. If no group fits the description, it has no effect.
  • Military Groups : The Adversary immediately destroys the highest power group in your camp. In case of a tie follow the current objective's bias icons. If you have no group it has no effect. Exception: The Adversary will not destroy one of your groups if you are at the maximum population limit and The Adversary is currently winning.
  • Media Groups : Look at the next card. If it would not make The Adversary go over the Population limit or break the Stability level, draw it, and activate its effect normally. Else, discard it (do not replace it on the deck).
  • Industrial groups : Immediately mobilize the group with the Highest power in your groups. In case of a tie follow the current objective's bias icons. If no group fits the description, it has no effect.

Winning and Losing
You win if you reach 100 points before The Adversary reaches 50.

Interesting… I will test this variant ;)

Keep meaning to give this a go! Anyone tried it yet?