Librarium Vault question

By jxk254, in Space Hulk: Death Angel - The Card Game Expansions

Hey all,

Quick question regarding the Librarium Vault (location 4 from the red deck).

The 'on enter' specifies to place an artefact location at the players choice of location. Then, for each GS killed, add a support token.

My questions are:

Can the player still use the activate ability on the artefact? I'd guess yes.

Even more importantly, the original rules specify that support tokens a are a limited resource. What happens if you don't have a free support token to place? I played tonight, had a fantastic game where I had ~5 support tokens on my marines. After the 7 token on the artefact, I ran out. I ended up just using pennies on the artefact, but I'm not sure if this is correct?


My understanding is that it's a component limitation, we had a similar situation and we had to blow off a load of Support Tokens on our team just to complete the mission (first time I've ever seen a support token spent to re-roll a hit!)

Hope this does not count as necroposting, but it didn't seem that the dilemma was solved.

I ran into the exact same problem just now, had a great game with tons of a support thanks to going through the Locomotivus and Crew Reclamation Facility.

Initially, I was thinking of just counting until I get to 10 genestealers killed and that would be it, but I do not think that this is correct. Keeping in mind that killing all genestealers in the formation and having both blip piles empty qualifies as a win condition, I think that it simply remains the only valid win condition.

The following situation probably clarifies why. I believe that the intention of the location is to give you a chance if you're doing bad, low on support tokens, so you can just kill 10 genestealers and you don't have to go through the minimum of 24(if you entered the room with no genestealers). However, if you did have a lot of support tokens on your marines it will most likely act as a support drain and make it harder now. Every time you drop a support token you risk having that support token be used on the Librarium Vault, if you kill genestealers before playing support cards to place them back on your marines.

This is usually irrelevant, if you have so many support tokens on you that you cannot place them on the card you will probably win the game either way. However, I believe you need to play until you get 10 tokens on the Librarium Vault card by freeing up tokens and then killing genestealers or by simply killing all the available genestealers.